FTC Disclosure

Starting December 1, 2009, the new FTC endorsement guide states that bloggers must disclose any form of compensation related to their blogs.  Although A Real Man's Objective Reviews provides free information, there may be times when I am compensated. The most common ways I get compensated on this site include, but are not limited to:
  • When a visitor view pages at my site
  • When a visitor clicks on an ad anywhere on my site
  • When I am sponsored a free product for review
If I purchase a product for review, I will state that I have purchased the product.  If I have borrowed a product for review, I will state that I have borrowed the product.  If I have been sponsored a product for review, I will not indicate how I acquired the product.  Since some products are sponsored, you must be aware that there may be some bias on my part.  I make every effort to give a fair and objective review of products regardless of how they are acquired.  Also, I do not accept any cash payment from manufacturers for my reviews.  You can see a detailed listing of all the products reviewed and those sponsered (marked with an * at the end) by going to my "Reviewed Items And What's Next" page.