Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Command Arms Accessories (CAA) Pistol Grip Review Model UPG16

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As with many AR-15 owners, I have been in the process of adding accessories.  Since my AR-15 is an older A-2 Sporter II, it comes with the standard pistol grip.  I have been admiring the looks and feel of the aftermarket pistol grips and decided to give the CAA Pistol Grip Model UPG16 a try.  One of the things I liked most about this grip is that you can customize it to what feels best in your hand.  You can purchase them now at for 29.95 plus S&H.  When you purchase the grip it comes in a very simple bag as shown below and has no installation instructions.  Since installing it is not rocket science, that is not a big deal.

The following photo shows what you get inside the bag.  I took all the pieces apart so the individual parts were clear.  I used a small Phillips screwdriver to push out the retaining pins.  Basically there is the main grip handle, three different size finger inserts, three different size palm inserts, two retaining pins and a cap for the bottom of the grip.

The photo below shows the shape of the three finger grips (left to right, large, medium and small).  The sizes are marked on the inside of the grip.  Also notice that the tab on top of the insert slips under a lip on the main grip handle and the tab on the bottom of the insert nests in a space at the bottom.

The photo below shows the shape of the three palm grips (left to right, small, medium and large). The sizes are also marked on the inside of the grip.

The first thing I needed to do was take off my old grip.  To do this, you take a screw driver and remove the bolt holding the grip to the lower receiver.  Be careful because there is a small spring that is retained by the grip as seen in the second photo below.  When it pops out, just make sure you find it and put it back in place when installing the new grip.

Since I had the old grip off and am replacing it with a new grip, I wondered if there was any weight penalty.  The old grip weighed in at 2.55 ounces.  The new basic configuration of the grips (small finger & small palm insert, then medium, then large) were 3.25, 3.36 & 3.46 ounces.  So basically you are adding somewhere between 0.70 and 0.91 ounces, which is not very much.

Original Grip, 2.55 ounces

Grip with Small Inserts, 3.25 ounces

Grip with Medium Inserts, 3.36 ounces

Grip with Large Inserts, 3.46 ounces

I installed the main grip handle and then tried a bunch of variations of inserts.  I chose the large finger insert because I like the feel of the ridges between my fingers.  I then decided on the medium palm grip.  Once you decide on the inserts that feel best, then you push the retaining pins back in place (which takes quite a bit of effort).

Last you put the lower grip cap back in place.  You could use this area to store some items because the cap is very secure when in place.

Photo of the other side of my rifle.

Bottom Line: 
I like the look and feel of the CAA Model UPG16 Pistol Grip. With it's multiple configurations (up to 9 different configurations), I think nearly anyone could find a configuration that fits their hand.  The grip installed on the rifle easily and there is very little weight penalty for swapping to this grip.  Would I recommend this grip?  Yes.


  1. Bravo... I don't know why so many rip on CAA - I've had nothing but luck with their accessories.

  2. Any idea what size the roll pins are. When I received my grip the back roll pin was MISSING...

  3. The pins are actually solid polymer material. They measured 0.88" in length and 0.135" to 0.146" in diameter. Unfortunately the pins doesn't appear to be perfectly round.