Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rock River Arms (RRA) Coyote Carbine Review Part 2 - What's In The Box

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As with any of my reviews, I like to talk about the packaging and everything in the box.  I'm not going to go into the details of the rifle in this portion of the review, but I feel there is some valuable information to be gained by reading this portion of the review.

The photo below is of the closed case.  When I first saw the case, I was glad to see the manufacturer provided a case that would allow use after the installation of optics and accessories.  The outside of the case measures about 14.5" x 38.5" x 3.75".  Remember that if you click on a photo, it should bring up a higher resolution photo.

Inside the case was the rifle, one magazine, warranty card, Operators Manual, and a chamber plug.  Since I recieved it from my brother-in-law, I was not sure.  Based on the Rock River website, this should have been everything.  One thing to notice in the photo below is that I have the rifle in narrowest portion of the case and the case will close.  Also you will see this case has more than enough room for a scoped rifle with foregrip and multiple magazines.  I also prefer the latch style locks shown over the sliding style on some cases.  Not that a case makes a rifle, but if it were my rifle, I would be glad that I didn't have to immediately purchase another case before I headed off to the range. The inside of the case measures 13.38" x 36.13" with about 1.2" egg crate foam on each side.

While I was checking out the Rock River Arms website, I discovered a slight difference in my review rifle and RRA's advertising photo.  As you can see, above the review rifle has the ACE AFRX Skeleton Stock and the photo below has the RRA Operator A2 Stock.  In the photo below from RRA's website, you will see that "they will begin shipping with the new RRA Operator A2 Stock as soon as inventories allow."  So beware if you are really wanting the stock below, you may need to verify that before you take the rifle home.

Worth showing is the Operators Manual and Warranty Card that comes with the rifle.  I think the Operators Manual being from 1998 is a great novelty and has a lot of good information, but I would have thought any rifle with a MSRP of $1190 should have a specific manual for the configuration of the rifle instead of a generic manual that is nearly 12 years old.  Regardless, the information is mostly applicable and is useful.

In the box was also one 20 round magazine, but since I'm not sure if the one he sent me is the one originally from Rock River, I'm going to update this post once I find out the actual details.

And finally there is the rifle, which is probably the main reason you are reading the review.  I'm going to go into great detail about the rifle in the next portion of the review.  Until then, here is a high resolution photo for you to be able to take a look at some details.  Keep in mind, the rifle has been to the range at least twice so you may see a scuff or two.

So far I like what I see.  The only thing to watch if purchasing the rifle is which style stock may come in the box.  Also, it is good to have a case big enough for long term use.  In Part 3, I'm going to be looking at the rifle in great detail, so check back later this week.  Also range testing is planned for Saturday.

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