Monday, August 16, 2010

Laserlyte Shotgun Tri-Rail Mounting System Review

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Over the past several years, I have become a firm believer that all guns should have the capability for mounting a light.  If you can't see what and where to shoot, then you can't safely and effectively use a firearm in the dark.  Recently I purchased a Mossberg Maverick 88 Security 8-Shot Shotgun and you can click here to see my review of that shotgun.  The first accessory I wanted was some type of rail on the gun.  I ended up selecting the Laserlyte Shotgun Tri-Rail Mounting System.  I purchased this tri-rail from for $28.53 plus S&H.  The following in italics was taken from the Laserlyte website.

Set up your tactical or home defense shotgun for maximum versatility and low light performance with this new Tri-Rail Mounting System. Lightweight and durable, this system positions three Picatinny rails at the front end of the shotgun where flashlights and/or lasers are best located. Easily mounted on the magazine tube of most popular 12-gauge pump shotguns, the Tri-Rail takes up under 1.5 inches of space ahead of the forearm. Made of tough aircraft grade aluminum with a matte black anodized finish, the Tri-Rail attaches in minutes with two machine screws.

  • Compatible Firearms: Any 1" diameter tube
  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Weight: 2 ounces
  • Length: 1.5" 
  • Installation Instructions
Since I actually purchased this Tri-Rail last year before I started reviewing products online, I don't have any of the packaging for this item.  The series of photo below shows the Tri-Rail from different perspectives and you can see I have already scratched it up from use.  You can click on any photo and it will bring up a higher resolution image.

Notice that in the photo below, you can actually install a light or laser at the 45 degree positions.  This gives you 5 potential mounting positions.

The Tri-Rail weighed in at 1.15 ounces, which is considerably less than the advertised 1.5 ounces.  Actually,  mine (the one in this review) is a newer version of this Tri-Rail and I believe the website needs to be updated.  You can see the differences further in the review where I compare the Tri-Rails side by side.

 The Tri-Rail measures 1.35" in length.

While doing this review, I stumbled across a difference between my Tri-Rail and the ones currently shown in the photos at the Laserlyte website.  You can see this difference below.  The Laserlyte website shows a Tri-Rail with more material on the rail lugs.  The website version also has a taller rail height.  If you purchase a new Tri-Rail today you will get the latest version which is shown in this review.

Reviewed (Mine)                                          Laserlyte Website

Installation is very easy, two screws and an Allen wrench.  I installed the Tri-Rail on my Mossberg Maverick 88 Security 8-Shot Shotgun.  The hardest part during installation is deciding where on the magazine tube you want the Tri-Rail so it is in a good position to access your light or laser.

The photo below shows the Tri-Rail with a UTG Swatforce LED 200 Lumen Tactical Flashlight installed in the bottom position.  One thing I found is that the rails are in such close proximity to each other, that not all rail mounted accessories can be mounted simultaneously in side by side positions.

Bottom Line:
The Laserlyte Shotgun Tri-Rail Mounting System is a great addition to any shotgun.  It is very light weight and compact.  It would be nice if the rails were a little taller to prevent potential interference when mounting items on the bottom and sides at the same time, but doing this would cause you to give up the additional two 45 degree mounting positions which I consider a plus.  Knowing what I know now, would I buy it again? Absolutely.  When you consider it is light weight, versatility of 5 mounting positions, and overall price, especially compared to the others on the market, I think you will find this a good product and value.


  1. Excellent review. I bought this tri-rail mount and installed on my Maverick 88 shotgun. I also bought a combination LED flashlight and laser and it mounts securely to the tri-rail. I need to take my shotgun to the gun range again to dial in the laser.

    My first attempt to install a flashlight and laser combination was to buy relatively inexpensive flashlight mounts for my shotgun. I purchased two of them along with an inexpensive flashlight/laser combination. It sort of worked, but after firing 4 rounds of OO buckshot one of the mounts popped off and so had to take off the flashlight.

  2. Excellent review. I have bookmarked your review and will respond after purcha

  3. Excellent review, yes, but... I really want to see a description of how you use the flashlight in this position. Can you tap the switch momentarily with an index finger knuckle, without altering your grip, or can you only turn the flashlight full-on or full-off? I am fully in agreement that defensive guns should have a light, but I also want the ability to use the light only as required to prevent broadcasting my position at all times. There is also the advantage of temporarily blinding/disorienting an assailant if you don't approach them with the light on. Thanks.

  4. I have switched to a different light that has a side button. I hit the button with my thumb and shift my had to the forearm. Not the best situation, but one that has worked well on many night operations at my land.

    1. What light did you find that has a side button? Was looking for that!

  5. excellent thanks for your info