Sunday, August 1, 2010

LWRC M6A2 Review - Part 3: Range Test

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For this part of the LWRC M6A2 review, I went to the range on two different occasions.  The first was a 25 yard indoor range that allows rifles and the second was an outdoor 100 yard range facility.  While at the 25 yard range, I wanted to sight in the scope before I got to the outdoor range.  Since I borrowed the rifle for this review, I used the scope that was already installed on the rifle which is the Horus Vision Talon 1-4 Power Scope.  The photo below shows the rifle, mount, and scope in the configuration for this review.

While at the 25 yard range, I shot the following four groups.  After each group I adjusted the scope so that I would be on paper at 100 yards.  Keep in mind that the distance between each circle ring is 1".  Throughout all of these shots, I was using Wolf 55 Grain Hollow Point ammunition.  My bench rest setup was that of a standard indoor range which is really setup for pistols, so my bench rest situation was marginal.

This next photo shows my bench setup at the 100 yard range.  I used the X7 Bulls Bag with my own custom sock full of bird seed under the bottom of the grip.

While at the 25 yard range, I thought the 4 power scope would be a challenge at 100 yards and this proved to be true.  After making some initial shots with the Wolf ammo, I switched to the Buffalo Bore 55 grain Sniper ammo.  The photo below shows Group 1 and 2 with Group 1 being the lower of the two groups.  They measured 2.33" and 1.88".

This next photo shows the 3rd Group and measured 1.10".

Since I didn't have any more Buffalo Bore ammo, I had to switch back to Wolf 55 grain hollow points.  This photo shows a 9 shot group at 100 yards that measured 2.25".  Just to be honest, the grouping was the best of my fun groups.  My other groups were between 3" and 4".

Bottom Line:
Personally I don't think it is fair to judge the accuracy of this rifle on these range test results because if you were really checking accuracy of this rifle, you would want a higher power scope for this distance.  I found that shooting 100 yard groups with a 4 power scope was extremely difficult.  You can clearly see that this rifle and scope combination can be lethal at 100 yards, but if I intended to normally use this rifle at that distance, I would purchase a different scope.  After shooting a couple of hundred rounds through the rifle, I can say it never jammed and was a pleasure to shoot.  After shooting, cleaning the rifle was simple and easy and very little effort was required in the upper assembly area due to the LWRC M6A2 being a gas-piston operating system.  Unfortunately both of the ranges I visited for the review didn't allow rapid fire, so I didn't get a chance to check out a high rate of fire.  I don't think rapid fire will be an issue and other reviews on the web can substantiate this.

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  1. Your review was very done. Thank you. I find that, with the 1 in 7 twist that this rifle has, 62 gr to 77 gr are better suited. The best results coming from 68 gr 10 77 gr.

    Thank you for a nice review of a great rifle.