Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blackhawk Single Point Sling Adapter Review

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Although the FNAR comes with forearm and butt stock sling mounts, I really wanted to use a single point sling on this rifle.  Also, I have an AR-15 with an A2 stock and wanted to use a single point sling on that rifle also.  For my AR, I could go out and purchase an adapter plate that installs between the stock and receiver.  They are a little pricey, but it is probably the best technical solution.  But for my FNAR, there is no adapter plate (at least not at this time).  While I was searching for a solution, I stumbled across the Blackhawk Single Point Sling Adapter.  I ended up getting one from for $5.59.

Notice the buckle on the right.  It keeps the webbing from slipping once installed on your rifle.  Also, it is a royal pain to get the webbing back through this buckle while on your rifle.  Especially if you install the adapter tight to your stock like I did.

Below you can see what the webbing looked like after I installed the adapter.  I had to use a screw driver to start the webbing through the second side of the buckle and a pair of pliers to pull it the rest of the way.

Since the pliers frayed the end of the webbing, I trimmed it back and re-melted the webbing to prevent if from fraying.  Now it looked good as new again.

The next two photos are with my FNAR hanging from the Blackhawk Single Point Sling Adapter.  FYI, that is a CAA One Point Sling supporting my rifle and it will be my next review item.  With the adapter installed tight against my stock, it holds the rifle well and keeps a good shape (doesn’t roll over and look sloppy).

Bottom Line: 
The Blackhawk Single Point Sling Adapter is a real pain to install correctly due to the plastic buckle not having much room to thread the webbing through.  I believe this is because the webbing is tubular, it is like having 4 layers of webbing through the buckle.  The good side is that once you get it in place, this adapter is rock solid.  I have no fear that this attachment would ever fail.  Was it worth $5.59?  Most definitely.  Will I ever buy another?  The next time I place an order from some other gadgets, I will get at least one more of these for my AR-15 and even possibly another to have on hand.


  1. Good review, I purchased one of these sling adapters and am awaiting its arrival (apparently they are out of stock until aug) I now know what to expect on the install.

  2. Thanks for the review - I put one on my SX-AR. The trick to installing the strap without much hassle is to thread the strap completely through while it is still as loose as possible. Then its a piece of cake. Use needlenose pliers to take out the slack in the first ring (until as tight as possible), then the second ring, the third ring and the fourth ring, one at a time.

    Finally, trim/singe the excess knowing that you will never be able to perform this same trick again (because there will be no way to make it loose).

  3. Thanks for your great post on this - I am looking at doing the same thing with my FNAR. I may try the Magpul MS3 sling (converts from 1 to 2 point) using a front rail swivel mount.

  4. thanks for the review. i just ordered one.

  5. Thanks for the review this has answered all my questions with my new PTR-91 and my left handed shooting problems. I was looking for this I just wasn't sure how to search for it on the wording.

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