Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Command Arms Accessories (CAA) One (Single) Point Sling Review

Single Point Sling Review, CAA Review
If you have been following my reviews, you will know that I reviewed a Shooters Ridge Single Point Sling Adapter last week.  Now that I have a single point sling adapter on my rifle, I had to have a single point sling.  I ended up getting the Command Arms Accessories (CCA) One (Single) Point Sling from Opticsplanet.com for $32.09.  There are several single point slings on the market to choose from by manufacturers such as Blackhawk, Uncle Mike's, 5.11, Spec Ops, etc.  The two main things I was looking for were bungee cord and price.

There is nothing fancy about the packaging of this product.  In this case, less is better to keep the price down because the risk of damaging a sling has to be extremely low.

There is very little useful information on the bag related to the actual sling itself.  I know that a sling is not rocket science, but something telling you front or back would have been nice.

The sling comes fully assembled.  The only thing you can do to take it apart is to take the steel carabiner style connector off of the bungee cord.  Everything else is stitched such that it can not come off.  The main web is 1.5" nylon webbing and is looped through a connecting link on one end and a quick release buckle on the other end.

The other side of the connecting link and buckle are each stitched to a tube of material.  This tube of material has the 5/16" bungee cord stitched inside the tube as close to the connecting link and buckle as practical.  If I were to identify any part as the weakest link, this bungee to tube attachment would probably be it.  You can see in the photo below that there is a double stitch line over the round bungee cord end.  Only time will tell me how this will hold up.

The tube of material on each side is stitched together at the other end so that both sides will slide up and down together.  I'm not real sure why the tubes are so long other than it gives the look of the sling with a more robust look in that area.  Strength wise, they provide no support.  There is another elastic tube that covers the carabiner style steel connector.  This elastic tube slides over the connector and will help to prevent scratches on your rifle along with blocking access to the spring loaded latch on the connector.

You can see the carabiner style connector below.

It is hard to see, but the way the adjustment buckle is positioned on the webbing (hard curved part up) and the way that the quick release buckle is turned on the webbing (webbing looping in and out from one side), it makes me think it was intended to wear the sling with the quick release buckle under your arm pit and not on your chest.  The sling seems to form naturally to a certain position.  If I flip the buckle, you can wear it with the buckle on your chest.  Perhaps if you wear it long enough in this other position it will eventually form to that position.

Yes, this is me below.  Now male model.  Good thing I have another job...  Anyway, I purchased this sling to go along with my FNAR rifle, but I can also use it on any other rifle with a single point sling attachment.  I think it is pushing it to say my 20" barrel FNAR is a tactical rifle needing a single point sling.  Regardless, I wanted a single point sling.  The wide 1.5" webbing helps reduce the pressure of the weight of the rifle on my shoulder and the rifle hangs in a good position.

When I am walking around the lake looking for beavers or moving from one coyote spot to another, holding the rifle by the grip to prevent it from swinging while walking seems comfortable and I don't have to lift the weight of the rifle.

When I bring the rifle up to a shooting position, the sling does not hinder my movement or prevent me from achieving a natural standing shooting position.

If you click on the photo below, you can see that the sling bends up as you lift the rifle.

Bottom Line: 
The Command Arms Accessories One Point Sling does every thing a single point sling should do.  It has bungee cord, a quick release buckle, is adjustable in length and is at a reasonable price.  Would I buy another?  Probably not because I have not had my hands on enough of these slings to form a solid opinion of the other manufacturers products.  Would I recommend it?  Yes, but cautiously.  Before you buy, try to put your hands on the other manufacturers slings and consider some of the points I have covered in this review.


  1. Don't take this wrong....but I've viewed a few videos of other brands and found that they put the sling over the same shoulder but around the back and over the rib cage of the other side of the body....opposite of the strong side like you have it. ?????

  2. Actually I go back and forth and have not decided which is more natural for me with this rifle. Maybe it is the weight, but I do prefer a defense shotgun on the other side like you pointed out.

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