Tuesday, March 2, 2010

FNAR Review - What's In The Box - Interchangeable Inserts

The gun comes with six interchangeable inserts, three for the comb (cheek weld area) and three for the recoil pads. I would guess that FN has done their research because the ones installed on the gun actually felt good as is. Other web sites that I have seen who reviewed the rifle have also tended to keep the gun in the "out of the box" condition.   But since I paid for it, I had to check them all out anyway. That was when I started considering to change the name of this blog because for a short while I didn't think I was a "real man" enough to get the screws out. In the end, I prevailed.

The gun comes with the mid height (the number 2 was on the bottom) comb and the shortest recoil pad installed. Also note that the recoil pad had a plastic adapter that fits between the stock and recoil pad insert (which helps to account for the long screw length). I tried all the inserts out and in varying combinations.   For now, I will stick with the mid comb height and short recoil pad. I still have to understand what the deal is with the six interchangeable stock shims and that may change my mind.  Also, I need to consider how I will mount my scope.

Stock With "Out of the Box" Inserts Installed

Stock With Inserts Removed

Comb Inserts                                     Recoil Pad Inserts

Bottom Side of Comb Inserts

You can see all of my posts on my FNAR rifle by going to my Summary Page.  Also, don't forget you can click on a photo and it will give you a high definition image so you can see more details.

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