Saturday, June 26, 2010

Leupold RX-1000 TBR Rangefinder Review - Part 5: True Ballistic Range (TBR) Rifle

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In this part of the review, I'm going to look at the True Ballistics Range for the Bow mode on the Leupold RX-1000 TBR Rangefinder.  In other parts of this review, I have verified that the accuracy of the rangefinder is within ± 1 yard for distance for Line of Sight (LOS) measurements and ± 1 degree for angle measurements.  The LOS, angle, and bow ballistic group is all that is needed for the rangefinder to calculate the True Ballistic Range (TBR) for your shot.  The table below shows how Leupold defines the Bow Groups.

I decided to check this data by going out on a 3rd floor landing and shooting to different points on the ground at various ranges for each Bow Group.  My eye level was at about 36 feet.  I felt this would be a relatively realistic test if I were hunting from my climbing stand on a clean pine tree.  This data is below.

From the data above, it looks like the Bow Group must be in the equation and is adjusting the numbers starting at about -20 degrees and at about -45 degrees at these short distances, the TBR and LOS range match.  The farther distances do seem to follow the equivalent horizontal distance (LOS x Cosine (angle)).  The best thing I can say for now is that I need to get in a tree and put this data to the test.  I'm going to hold off until I start practicing again for bow season in the fall with the hopes of the temperature dropping a little.

You can see other parts of this review by going to the Leupold RX-1000 TBR Rangefinder Review Summary Page.

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