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LWRC M6A2 Review - Part 1: Specifications & What's In The Box

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The LWRC M6A2 comes in two calibers (5.56 NATO and 6.8mm SPC) and various barrel lengths.  The rifle I'm reviewing is the 5.56 NATO with a 16.1" barrel.  The specifications for this rifle along with key information taken from the LWRC website are shown below in italics.
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • Barrel Length: 16.1"
  • Weight (unloaded): 7.3lbs
  • Length (overall length): 33.3-36.5"
  • Rifling: 1/7" RH
  • Stock: VLTOR EMod
  • Pistol Grip: MagPul MIAD
  • Sights: BUIS Front and Rear
  • Magazine: MagPul 30 rd. P-Mag
  • The M6A2™ rifle is ideal for those who utilize optical sights as it employs a low-profile gas block. There is no A-frame front sight to obscure the field of view of the optical device.
  • The M6A2™ rifle also features a longer midlength free float rail system with a removable return-to-zero top. Any M4 MIL Std 1913 accessory can be mounted to the rail, and because the rail has a monolithic profile, you can bridge devices from the receiver to the rail seamlessly. The longer rail also affords more 1913 “real estate” to mount your accessories. 
  • The M6A2™ rifle can be used in various roles. With the 16.1 inch barrel, the M6A2™ rifle can be used as a Squad Dedicated Marksman Rifle. 
  • The M6A2™ rifle’s edge in capability, reliability, accuracy and long service life is the result of advanced technology materials and manufacturing processes, combined with progressive patented designs. All LWRCI™ carbine systems feature our short-stroke gas-piston operating system. The operating system is lightweight, self-regulating, and self-scraping. This system of operation does not foul the moving parts of the weapon with carbon or heat, greatly enhancing service life and reliability while decreasing both user and armorer maintenance.
  • All M6A2™ rifles feature a match grade, cold rotary hammer forged barrel with a target crown. The barrel is treated with NiCorr™ surface conversion technology that extends service life, enhances accuracy, and increases the effective range of the weapon.
  • The action of the M6A2™ rifle is coated in our proprietary nickel coating that provides a hard permanent lubrication to the moving parts.
  • The M6A2™ rifle defines itself as the most modern and incrementally evolved carbine in the world. At the same time it also presents the best value. Service life is extended to four times that of a legacy M4, accuracy is 100 percent better, and our M6 rifles are many times more reliable than the legacy gas-impingement design.
Since I borrowed the rifle for this review, you need to keep in mind that it is not new (about 4 months old), but you will see that my friend takes great care of his toys.  Also, some items may have been left out of the box by accident when I received the rifle.  I will try to point out any discrepancies.  The photo below shows the outside of the box and the next photo is what you get inside the box when you purchase the LWRC M6A2 rifle.

I need to point out that the rifle show has had the side rail covers replaced with ladder rail guards to reduce the "fat" feel of the forearm.  The following items were in the box with links to the manufacturer's product descriptions.
Honestly, I'm a little surprised that the rifle does not come with a hard case, but since they can sometimes be of limitied use after you install your optics and accessories, maybe it was a good cost savings move for LWRC.

The rifle without magazine weighed in at 7.75 pounds.  This is surprisingly more than the manufacturers specification of 7.3 pounds, but I bet they didn't include the backup sights or the rail covers which could easily be the difference.

The lengths measured matched that in LWRC's specificaitons, 33.3" with the butt stock in the colapsed position and 36.5" with it in the extended position.

So far I like what I see and I'm eager to move on with my review.  In the next part of the review, I'm going to cover the external equipment and features.  To see the other parts of the review, go to the LWRC M6A2 Review main page.

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