Saturday, June 26, 2010

LWRC M6A2 Review

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I'm always looking for the opportunity to review a good rifle and I have a friend who purchased a LWRC M6A2 in 5.56mm NATO back in February of 2010 who was gracious enough to loan me the rifle for this review.  One of the key features on this rifle is the short-stroke gas-piston system.  With this new system and a "buy now" price on of around $2000 or more, this should be an interesting review on a quality rifle.  My friend actually purchased the rifle at a gun show in the Atlanta area for about this price.  The photos below show the rifle the way my friend has accessorized it.  If you click on a photo, it will bring up a higher resolution image.  The list of accessories below are installed on the rifle.  During this review, I plan to remove all accessories and do a complete review of what you get when you purchase a LWRC M6A2.

This review is broken down into the follow parts to cover specific details, features, and range test of the rifle.  You can click on a link to take you to each part of the review.
  1. LWRC M6A2 Review - Part 1: Specifications and What's In The Box
  2. LWRC M6A2 Review - Part 2: The Rifle
  3. LWRC M6A2 Review - Part 3: Range Test
Bottom Line:
The LWRC M6A2 Rifle is a well built and quality rifle. It has been engineered with a gas-piston operating system, coatings and finishes that should allow the M6A2 to function and outlast standard M4 rifles (they say up to 4 times which is a pretty bold claim). I was a little disappointed with the fit of the upper and lower receivers and the amount of free play, but this may be specific to this particular rifle and you should check this when purchasing a rifle. In my mind, the real question becomes; is this rifle worth the ~$2000 price? When you consider that you are going to pay more for a gas-piston system, it comes with upgraded butt stock & pistol grip, and it has the potential to last longer than other rifles due to it's coatings, it may be worth the price.  Something I really like are the split rail assembly allowing the upper portion to be removed for cleaning the piston components and the implementation of the gas-piston system.  The system is simple and comes apart quickly.  Finally, my suggestion with any rifle is to do your research before you make the investment.

Guns & Ammo also has a review found here and it is worth the read.

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