Monday, September 6, 2010

FNAR Review - Fifth Range Test (100 yards)

It has been a while since my last range test and I want to show the results of some additional range testing at 100 yards. I'm still trying to find some off-the-shelf hunting ammo that I can use for the majority of my hunts (less than a 200 yard shot).  For this test, I selected three hunting rounds, one match round and also brought some plinking ammo just to get the feel before shooting the other stuff.

I selected the following .308 Win. Ammo:
  • Federal Match Gold Medal 168 Grain Sierra Matchking BTHP - Target Ammo
  • Federal Premium 165 Grain Sierra Gameking BTSP - Hunting Ammo
  • Fusion 165 Grain - Hunting Ammo
  • Winchester 150 Grain Power-Point - Hunting Ammo

All shots were from 100 yards and you can see my bench setup below.  I was actually swapping out between shooting my FNAR and a borrowed LWRC M6A2 which I was reviewing.

This was one of those days where I was disappointed with my shooting abilities.  I really didn't have a good excuse other than myself and you will see that from the data below.  My first 5 shot group with the Federal Match Gold Medal was a 2.47" group.  My second group with this same ammo was 1.38".  I was really expecting sub MOA based on my previous range tests.

Next I switched over to the Federal Premium and shot a 1.94" and 1.95" group.  Again, I was disappointed.

Since my shooting skills were really sucking at this point, I decided to only shoot two more groups of 5.  This next group is with the Fusion ammo.

Last I shot the Winchester Power-Point. I shot some of this during one of my last range tests and it really looked promising.  I decided to tweak my scope before the shots since I was grouping everything high and left.  The 5 shot group below measured 1.67".

Personally, I think the issue with my shooting is one of two things.  First it is probably me and I'm sure that is a good portion, but I know I have done better.  The second may be that I'm getting some fouling in the groves of my barrel.  With the group above, I'm comfortable taking this to the woods and deer hunting out to 200 yards, but I'm sure I'm more capable and I will shoot it again prior to rifle season.

A buddy of mine has been talking about Butch's Boreshine so I decided to get a bottle.  I thoroughly cleaned the rifle and will head back to the range in a couple of weeks.  For now, I think I'm going to focus on the Winchester Power-Points because you can purchase these at any Walmart and so far they seem to group.

Bottom Line:
I'm still happy with my FNAR.  It has never jammed and still appears to be a solid rifle.  My results for this range test were not as good as the Fourth Range Test, but that's life.

You can see all of my posts on my FNAR rifle by going to my Summary Page.


  1. adjust your scope before the test

  2. Based on my extensive bench shooting of the FNAR, I think you are seeing the characteristic inconsistency and worsening groups found in some of the FNARs, not your shooting falling apart. I believe if you were to continue shooting for groups, you would see that there is an issue with your gun.

    However it's also possible your scope rail came loose, which is a typical FNAR issue, it could be an issue with your gun.

    But, once you work this out, it is a wonderful shooter.

  3. Believe this or not its up to you! I was told never to run a brush thru my barrel after it has been broken in only a patch with a little lube on it not cleaner and follow with more patches to clean the lube out. IT WILL TAKE TIME FOR YOUR GROUP TO TIGHTEN UP BUT I ASSURE YOU IT WILL. Only clean after about 400-500 shots if you must but be ready to have your groups open up again, until you shoot another series of shots to condition the barrel again. Try it with any rifle and you will see miracles happen. The old clean your barrel advice was during wartime and when gun powder was filthy. THIS IS A NEW ERA AND NEW TECHNOLOGY DON'T GET LOCKED UP WITH OLD IDEAS. BETTER THINGS ARE HERE NOW USE THEM TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. forget "MY DADDY SAID " and try this.