Monday, September 20, 2010

Ruger 22 Charger Review - Part 3: Indoor Range Results

For my indoor range test during my Ruger Charger Review, I decided to utilize a 14 yard range in my basement.  At some point I'm sure I will get some range test results at a longer range, but for now it is hard to beat the ease of shooting at your own house.  The scope I'm using on the pistol is a NcStar 2-7x32E Pistol Scope and is shown below mounted on the pistol.  You can see the other parts of the review by clicking on these links; Part 1: In The Box and Exterior Features and  Part 2: Disassembley.

For this test, I decided to shoot the following .22 Long Rifle ammunition since I already had it on hand.
For each of these tests, I shot a minimum of five 5-shot groups from 14 yards while using the bipod from a bench.  You can see the results below.

CCI Select Round Nose 40 grain

Federal Classic Copper Plated Solid 40 Grain

Remington Target Round Nose 40 Grain

Winchester Super-X Power Point Hollow Point 40 Grain

Winchester Xpert 22 Hollow Point 36 Grain

The above results have been tabulated below showing the minimum, average, maximum, and projected 50 yard equivalent average.  I included this 50 yard equivalent because it will be helpful when comparing against other data on the Internet.  Once I get some real first hand data at 25 and 50 yards, I will add another post with those range test results.

The best group I shot at 14 yards was 0.14" and the worst was 0.70" with an average of all my groups of 0.42".  I think I could have had better results if I would have used a different scope.  I found the scope's eye relief to be wrong for my shooting preference and was having side to side sight picture drift as you can see with the windage shifts on the targets above.

Bottom Line:
Overall I'm very please with the shooting results from the Ruger Charger pistol.  With a different scope and more practice, I believe my results could be better, but I'm not complaining.  The accuracy of this pistol is clearly good and Ruger hit another home run with the Ruger Charger pistol.  If I could change one single item, it would be to add a better trigger.  The trigger pull measures about 4.67 pounds I would prefer it to be lighter for target shooting.

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  1. Kevin.
    I really enjoyed this review. I purchased a charger about the time you posted this rewiew. I have really enjoyed the Charger and have shot many boxes through it. It is fun and inexpensive to shoot. I was impressed by it's accuracy out of the box, just as much as my 10/22. Thanks for the great job on the review and I look forward to updates ect. Jerry Meeuwse