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Leapers UTG Combat Web 42" Gun Case Review

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I really struggled on what type of case to get (soft case or hard case).  I have always  leaned towards a hard case because of the protection you get for your rifle, but there is a price to pay (space and cost).  I know that one day I will get a hard case because if I fly out west to hunt, I'm going to want the protection which that type of case offers.  Actually, I have several hard cases, most were purchased at Wal-Mart or K-Mart, but that's not what I'm talking about. When I say hard case, I'm thinking a Pelican™ Storm™ iM3200 Long Case - Black for about $210.  This is the kind of case that can make it through the airport and you don't have to worry about your investment getting damaged.  In reality, I don't see myself going out west until the kids are out of college, so I decided to focus on a soft tactical case.  There are many of these cases out on the market.

The one I finally decided to purchase was the Leapers UTG Combat Web 42" gun case in Army digital camo.  I purchased if from for $69.95 and free shipping (now I wonder who actually paid for shipping).  In this review, it's probably going to seem more subjective because many of the features of this type of case are opinion based (what I like and don't like), but I will try to be objective anyway.  The details from the Leapers website about the case are below in bold italics with my photos and comments following.

> Outer Shell Constructed with Water Resistant High Density 900 Denier Tough Polyester Synthetic Material
> 2" Reinforced One-piece Wrap-around Carry Handle for Horizontal Carry
> Dual #10 Heavy Duty UTG Patterned Zippers
> Well-padded with 2" Thick Finest, High-density Foam with Soft Interior Lining Sewn and Glued for Added Strength to Provide Maximum Protection of Your Favorite Weapons

I would have to agree, the shell seems very durable, similar to other soft cases on the market, even those of higher cost.  I like the wrap-around carry handle and believe that should be a minimum on any good soft case.
> 2" Fully Adjustable Padded Ergonomic Shoulder Straps

To be honest, when I first got the case, I was very narrow sighted and was thinking more about transporting the rifle and having a short walking distance (basically drive up to where you will shoot, which is what I do when I go to my land).  I was even thinking abut cutting the shoulder straps off just to streamline the case.  This past weekend, when I had to walk about 200 yards to the gun range while carrying my shooting bad and tackle box of shooting stuff, I realized that these are extremely useful.  In the photo below, I have them adjusted to rest snug against the case.  When you need them, they will be there.
> Additional Dual UTG Patterned Buckles at the Top and Bottom with Hook-and-Loop to Provide Maximum Security and Stabilization during Operations

I really like these extra two buckles so that you can keep the case together without having to always zip it up.  I hunt by myself often and I already find myself placing my rifle in my Yukon and in the gun case, but not fully closing it down.  These straps will add enough security to keep it together while at the same time giving easy access.
> Tough Back Support
> D-Rings at Both Ends

I'm not sure what I will use the D-rings for, but they are a nice touch.  Also, the back support does seem reinforced and helps the case keep a good shape.

> One Padded Front Pocket with Generous 27.5" x 11" Storage Area, While the Open Area Can Be Storage for Barrels, Auxiliary Weapons and Other Accessories
> Two Concealed and Padded Inner Pockets with Molle System Inside and Velcro Closure to Protect Most Essential Firearm Accessories

There are Velcro closures at the middle of the case to access both of these pockets.  My Berretta is tucked in the right pocket.  I think these will be very handy and that is where I'm already tucking a pistol when I'm heading off with my rifle.  It is also a good place to store paper targets because they stay flat and protected.

> Main Compartment Comes with Two Triangular Padded End Pockets and Two 2" Velcro Straps to Tightly Secure up to Two Firearms with Accessories. 
> Weight 6 lbs
> Inside Dimensions 13" x 42"

Actually, I found that the two triangle pockets were the best parts about securing the rifle inside the case.  Even without the Velcro straps around the gun, I feel like it tucks in really nice and tight.  This may be because when they say it is a 13"x42" case, they mean it.  My rifle is 41.5" long and barely fits, but I like how it is secure and does not slide back and forth.
> Four Horizontal Outer Web Straps and Three Web Pockets Included

I like the way that the pockets snap on the webs. You can take the pockets on and off in a matter of seconds.
> Middle pocket (8" x 10" x 2") has plenty of room for cleaning kits and other essential gear.
> Two end pockets (5.5" x 10" x 2") come with inner nylon dividers for separation and storage of magazines and accessories
> Fully adjustable bunji retention cords horizontally secure magazine pouches
> Velcro and UTG Patterned Buckle Closures Offer Maximum Secure Fit and Load Retention

There is no doubt about whatever you put in these pockets being very secure.  Between the bunji cords holding it together, the Velcro on the flap keeping the flap closed, and the final buckle on the outside, your gear will be secure.


Bottom Line: 
I'm very pleased with this case and I will definitely purchase another one since I have several other rifles that would fall into the category of needing this type of case.  I was concerned initially if it would be too short for my 41.5" rifle,  but the size worked out great.  It just so happened that while I was at the range, the guy beside me had this same case.  We discussed it and he voiced the same positive opinions.  Great job Leapers!  Good quality and value!

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  1. Awesome review! Thanks for the info and pics. I purchased the 47" in version because of your review.